Summer Comes to a Close

This post has been a few weeks in the making, but still one I wanted to publish. When the school year ended in June, I did not have much planned for the summer. I assumed it would be quiet and relaxing, maybe even a touch boring. Who was I kidding?!? I have never experienced a boring summer in my life. While it was far from quiet, some great things have made me excited about the … Continue reading “Summer Comes to a Close”

What am I Reading?

It should come as no surprise; I am someone who loves to read. Even as a kid I would often get in trouble for reading well past bed-time. Now I usually have more than one book in progress at a time, especially since I also discovered the world of audiobooks! I try to read a mix of “fun” books and “teacher” books, and this year I read some great teacher books. While none of them … Continue reading “What am I Reading?”

Things Change…#IMMOOC Week 3

This was a very thought provoking week in the #IMMOOC. There were two great book chapters on the importance of relationships and being a leader, a powerful talk by Tara Martin where she encouraged people to “Cannonball in,” and we’ve been asked to reflect on the question, “What is one thing that you used to do in education that you no longer do or believe in?” “Cannonball in! You’ll either sink or swim, but most likely … Continue reading “Things Change…#IMMOOC Week 3”

Characteristics of an Innovator’s Mindset: #IMMOOC Week 2

Mindset is a word we hear being used much more now, especially compared to when I first started teaching. Most people are familiar with the concept of having a Growth Mindset vs. a Fixes Mindset, as in, believing that intelligence/abilities can be developed as opposed to believing that intelligence/abilities are static. Carol Dweck discusses this topic at length in her book, Mindset. George Couros’s recent book introduced me to the importance of also having an … Continue reading “Characteristics of an Innovator’s Mindset: #IMMOOC Week 2”

Global Learning

One of my goals this year is to introduce more global learning opportunities. I feel like I am beginning to embrace this concept personally with my PLN through Twitter and Facebook, but I need to also help my students discover how they can be global learners. When I stumbled upon the website for a Global Collaboration Day, it seemed like the perfect way to introduce the concept. I set up a project through Flipgrid, asking … Continue reading “Global Learning”

#IMMOOC – Why Innovation?

Over the next six week I will be participating in #IMMOOC – the Innovator’s Mindset Massive Open Online Course – in reference to a book I read over the summer, “The Innovator’s Mindset” by George Couros. I look forward to re-reading this book, as it made me think deeply about what I am doing as a teacher, and what schools are doing for students. While innovation may seem like the most recent education buzz-word, I really do believe … Continue reading “#IMMOOC – Why Innovation?”

A Place for Inquiry in the Arts

This post was originally published on the EdTechTeam blog:   Is there a place for inquiry in the arts? If you ask arts teachers if there is a place for inquiry in their classroom, most would say yes. But I think if you asked them to describe inquiry in their classrooms, many would have a hard time doing it. I was one of those teachers! But I’m excited to say, in this coming school year … Continue reading “A Place for Inquiry in the Arts”