Book: Pass the Baton, Empowering All Music Students

Pass the Baton

Empowering All Music Students

All too often, the music classroom stifles students with one-size-fits-all curricula and repertoire. In Pass the Baton, authors Kathryn Finch and Theresa Hoover turn that paradigm on its head, offering a vision of music education that empowers students as critical thinkers who exercise voice and choice to question, discover, connect, and play like never beforeā€”in and out of the classroom.

This book is a must read for teachers who want to empower students to become self-sufficient lifelong learners. It is a guidebook for creating a vibrant classroom where student learning is the first priority. -Kristin Gomez, MA, Director of Orchestras at Jefferson Middle School & Abingdon Elementary School

Empowering Ensembles

Empowering Ensembles with Technology

The Ensemble Director’s Guide to Teaching with Tech

This book is a one-stop-shop for music teachers looking to get started, or expand their experiences, with technology in the classroom. Help your students see themselves as musicians both inside and outside the music room by empowering them in the ensemble setting.

A powerful book to help ensemble directors. I was able to use the tools right away with my 4-6 orchestra program. I am so glad I added this to my library. -Melissa Clark, Lawrence Intermediate School