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“Voice and Choice” is a term frequently used when discussing today’s classroom, especially when thinking about empowering our learners. To a music teacher, it might seem redundant; we hear student voices all the time! But intentionally providing opportunities for student voice and choice in the music classroom does so much more. When students have a voice, their thoughts are heard and valued in the classroom. When students have a choice, they are more intrinsically motivated to learn. In this workshop, come discover how to make small shifts in your classroom to encourage voice and choice, empower your students, and lead them to becoming lifelong musicians.

Google is so much more than a search engine! In this workshop, you will learn how to use Google Workspace for increased productivity, organization, and efficiency in the music room. You’ll gain skills to optimize Google Drive, Chrome, Gmail, Calendar, and more. Discover strategies that will help you spend less time at the computer, and more time making music.

Active participation, student agency, and increased creativity are all things you will find in a learner-centered ensemble. In this workshop, you’ll learn strategies for incorporating learner-centered practices into your ensemble. As the teacher’s role shifts to that of a facilitator, students can take ownership over the music-making process, allowing their learning to become more relevant and longer-lasting. When this shift in roles is done intentionally, teachers and students work together to create experiences that are more meaningful for everyone.

Graduate Electives

Graduate electives are a great way to “level up” your practice as a music teacher! Check out some of Theresa’s upcoming professional learning opportunities.

Pass the Baton: Empowering All Music Students Book Study

Every student deserves to take ownership of their musical learning journey! This book study, Pass the Baton: Empowering All Music Students, will guide music educators in understanding the importance of student empowerment and provide practical strategies to integrate this mindset into existing lesson plans, programs and traditions. Together with the authors of the book, Kathryn Finch and Theresa Hoover, participants will build on strengths and current teaching practices to create a more learner-centered experience where students actively engage in the creative process, discovering their unique voices, interests, and choices. Through activities, discussions, and personalized guidance from the authors, participants will be equipped to curate a dynamic classroom setting where students take a proactive role in shaping their musical experiences, thus bolstering their artistic growth and expression.

Music Technology Moving Forward. June 10-August 2

Music Technology Moving Forward

In today’s tech-driven world, harnessing technology’s potential in music education is no longer optional. Breathe new life into your music curriculum by exploring how technology can enhance learning, ignite creativity, and boost engagement, all while supporting the National Core Arts Standards. Delve into tools such as notation software, DAWs, performance assessments, artificial intelligence, and even virtual reality, all while developing practical projects that translate directly to your classroom. No prior tech experience needed, just a willingness to learn and explore. Be prepared to transform your teaching practice for a truly enriching musical journey for your students!

Google Workspace for Music Teachers

Google for Education offers numerous tools that music educators can use in their classrooms to create and share digital content, communicate effectively, collaborate within and outside of the classroom, and increase productivity. Throughout the course, teachers will complete practical projects to strengthen their understanding of Google for Education, with the intent that each project can be used in their classrooms. Successful completion of the course will prepare teachers for the Google for Education Level 1 Certification Exam. Participants should bring a laptop computer or Chromebook with access to Google Workspace for Education. Sync option available.

Past Courses

  • Music Technology Moving Forward (VanderCook, Summer ’23)
  • Google Fundamentals for Music Teachers (Arizona State University, Summer ’23)
  • Advanced Google Tools for Music Educators (VanderCook, Spring ’23)
  • Google Fundamentals for Music Teachers (University of the Arts, Summer ’23, Summer ’22, Summer ’21)
  • Advanced Google Tools for Music Teachers (University of the Arts, Summer ’23, Summer ’22, Summer ’21)
  • Air on a G-Suite (VanderCook, Summer ’22)
  • Google Fundamentals for Music Teachers (Music ConstructED, Summer ’22)
  • Advanced Google Tools for Music Teachers (Music ConstructED, Summer ’22)