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How I Increased Voice and Choice in My Music Classes, and Why I’ll Never Look Back

“Voice and Choice” is a term frequently used when discussing today’s classroom. To a music teacher, it might seem like a silly phrase; we hear student voices all the time! Why do we need to increase that? But when used in the general education setting, the term takes on a different meaning…” continue reading

Digital Tools for Formative Assessment in Band

“While many band directors will agree that formative assessment takes place continuously throughout a rehearsal, it can be difficult to measure the understanding of individual students, as opposed to the group majority. Luckily, there are many ways to use technology for quick, formative assessments during band rehearsals and lessons…” continue reading  

A Place for Inquiry in the Arts

“Is there a place for inquiry in the arts? If you ask arts teachers if there is a place for inquiry in their classroom, most would say yes. But I think if you asked them to describe inquiry in their classrooms, many would have a hard time doing it. I was one of those teachers…”continue reading

Top Six Tips for New Teacher-Bloggers

“In the digital world we live in it seems there are always more ways we “need” to be connected: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, the Pinterest….the list goes on. But what about blogs? For a teacher, creating a blog can be more than just connecting you to others, it can actually make you a better educator!…” continue reading

Digital Learning Day? How about Digital Teaching Day

“February 22, 2018, marked the seventh annual Digital Learning Day. Digital Learning Day celebrates the use of technology and innovative practices in student learning. Many teachers, myself included, incorporate digital learning strategies on a regular basis. My students have school-issued iPads they bring to class each week. To clarify – I teach elementary band and…” continue reading

Arts Integration in the General Education Classroom

“As a music teacher, the arts are obviously very important to me, and I think most people would agree they are a vital part of a child’s education. Unfortunately, with so many things to focus on, the arts can be forgotten about outside of the classes directly teaching them. Arts Integration is a great solution to that problem and can take place alongside the regular curriculum…” continue reading