Summit Speaker Series

April 23, 2020

  1. What is voice and choice?
    • Voice: learners can share their thoughts and opinions, participate in, and eventually drive their learning.
    • Choice: learners can make decisions about their educational journey
  2. What does the research say?
  3. What does this look like in music classes?
    • Musical voice & speaking voice
    • Student teaching & leadership opportunities
    • Skills assessment
    • Concert announcements & program notes
    • Musical choices
    • Social Media
    • Reflection and Goal Setting 
  4. What am I doing for students that they could be doing for themselves? 
  5. Where to get more information:

Learn More:

Pass the Baton, Specific Approaches for Empowering Students in the Music Classroom

Presented by Theresa Hoover Ducassoux & Kathryn Finch, International Music Education Summit, June 11-13, 2020