Less is More: #IMMOOC Week 5.2

I am a person who typically wants to do everything. Read all of the books, attend all the trainings, and try all of the new tools – do it all! As a result, I frequently find myself overwhelmed trying to do all of these things at a high level. It’s just not realistic. You can even see from my first blog post, I had difficulty limiting my goals for the year. I was able to narrow … Continue reading “Less is More: #IMMOOC Week 5.2”

Celebrate Strengths: #IMMOOC Week 5.1

First let me admit that I missed week 4. I am planning to go back to it, so PLN, please hold me to that! “When we build on our strengths and daily successes – instead of focusing on failures – we simply learn more.”  ~Tom Rath This quote really stuck with me after re-reading chapter 8. Celebrate strengths; don’t focus only on weaknesses. How often do we do just the opposite in education, by focusing … Continue reading “Celebrate Strengths: #IMMOOC Week 5.1”