Summer Comes to a Close

This post has been a few weeks in the making, but still one I wanted to publish. When the school year ended in June, I did not have much planned for the summer. I assumed it would be quiet and relaxing, maybe even a touch boring. Who was I kidding?!? I have never experienced a boring summer in my life. While it was far from quiet, some great things have made me excited about the … Continue reading “Summer Comes to a Close”

What am I Reading?

It should come as no surprise; I am someone who loves to read. Even as a kid I would often get in trouble for reading well past bed-time. Now I usually have more than one book in progress at a time, especially since I also discovered the world of audiobooks! I try to read a mix of “fun” books and “teacher” books, and this year I read some great teacher books. While none of them … Continue reading “What am I Reading?”