Top Five Blog Posts of 2020

Each December I like to look back at the blog to reflect on the year. Which posts were the most read? When was I most consistent in publishing? Were there any noticeable themes? Given the events of the year, it’s no surprise that a big focus was technology and almost all blog posts incorporated that in some way! Many music teachers were looking for ideas and support in this area as instruction was forced online. I’m so glad I could provide that support.

In case you missed them, or just want a reminder, here are my five most-read blog posts of 2020.

Apps for Beginning Band and Orchestra

These days there are apps for everything, including music instruction! This post lists several of my favorite apps to use with beginning band and orchestra students when teaching note reading, rhythms, long tones, and more. While some apps are music specific, others can work in a variety of subjects.

Apps for Beginning Band & Orchestra

Seven Add-ons and Extensions for Music Teachers

Using add-ons and extensions is a great way to bring Google tools to the next level. Chrome extensions are small software programs that work with Google Chrome to enhance the browsing experience. Add-ons work with specific G Suite tools to add new capabilities. This post details seven of my favorite add-ons and extensions for music teachers.

Seven Google Add-ons and Extensions for Music Teachers

Getting Started With Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is a collaborative whiteboard that has become more popular in education in the last year. The simplicity of the tool makes it ideal for a variety of settings, allowing students to work together and share their voices.

Getting Started with Google Jamboard

Music Snippet: Music Notation for Google Docs

Music Snippet (formerly Flat for Docs) is easily my favorite Google add-on. It allows you to insert musical notation directly into Google Docs and Slides! This tool is perfect for music teachers who are creating resources, or for students to complete simple composition tasks. With Music Snippet, there is no need to leave Google!

Music Snippet: Music Notation for Google Docs & Slides

Using Flipgrid in Instrumental Music

I updated this post in August 2020 (after it was originally written in 2018) to reflect some amazing new features offered by Flipgrid. For those who are unaware, Flipgrid is a video response tool used to amplify student voice. While simple at its core, this robust tool offers countless opportunities for music teachers to engage and interact with students and their music making.

Using Flipgrid in Instrumental Music

While all technology specific, each of these five blog posts offers ways for music teachers to engage their students in music. Whether in the classroom, virtual, or a mix of the two, music teachers can use these tools and ideas to create interactive musical experiences for their students.

Curious about what else I’ve been up to this year? Visit the More page for some of my most recent guest blog posts and podcast interviews.

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